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What is Bulk?

Bulk is considered to be any card that is English, Near Mint, Authentic, and comes from a smoke free home. We only accept cards that meet these requirements.


How do I prep my Bulk?

Please sort your Bulk by Card Type (as listed below) and remove all sleeves. If you don't sort and de-sleeve your bulk then only the Unsorted rate will apply to your submission.


How do I sell my Bulk?

1 - Completely fill out the Bulk Submission form below

2 - Click the Print button to print out your form

3 - Click the Submit button to finalize your Bulk Submission

4 - Put the printed form in your package and send it to us


Lorcana Bulk Submission

Bulk Submission ID:

Card TypePriceSell QuantityEachTotal
Unsorted Bulk$5 / 1000 $0.005 each
Commons & Uncommons$10 / 1000 $0.01 each
Cold Foil Commons & Uncommons$50 / 1000 $0.05 each
Rares$50 / 1000 $0.05 each
Cold Foil Rares$100 / 1000 $0.1 each
Super Rares$100 / 1000 $0.1 each
Legendaries$500 / 1000 $0.5 each

Print your completed form then click Submit

Please ship printed form and cards to:
Gray Gauntlet Games
7998 Centerpoint Drive
Suite 750
Indianapolis, IN 46256
Attention Bulk Buyer

*If your submission is more than 50,000 cards you must contact us prior to sending it. All Bulk submission offers should arrive to us within 14 days after submission. If received after 14 days we reserve the right to adjust prices based on our current offer at time of arrival. After we receive your items we will process and confirm the submission. After confirmation we will send your payment using the email address you provided via your chosen method. If there are any issues with your submission we will contact you. We may reject your submission or send you a revised offer if some or all of it does not meet our requirements. You will have 30 days to either accept our offer, arrange to have your items returned to you, or come to the store to pick them up. After this 30 day period the items will be considered abandoned. PayPal payments will be sent as Good & Services.